Basic Guide:

Joining in on our public beta is quite simple. You'll need to grab the Scatter Wallet from the useful links section as well as a private / public key. Remember that you need to write these keys down somewhere and save them. You're going to import the private key into your Scatter Wallet. Then create an account using the Jungle Testnet link provided to the side. Simply hit Create Account and supply a 12 character or less username. As well as your public key in the Owner and Active fields.

Additional Information:

To add the Jungle Testnet to Scatter you hit the COG for settings in the top right. Click on Networks in the 'Danger Zone' section.

Network Information
  • Name: Jungle Testnet 2.0
  • Host: jungle2.cryptolions.io
  • Protocol: https
  • Port: 443
  • Chain: e70aaab8997e1dfce58fbfac80cbbb8fecec7b99cf982a9444273cbc64c41473
  • Image Example

New users may register their EOS Testnet account to participate in the beta mining period. Every 24 hours registered users can send up to 5 tokens to any other friend who is currently registered. Once those 5 tokens have been mined they cannot send any more.

However, you can always transfer any additional tokens you have earned.

Remember to have SCATTER open.

Mine Tokens and Reward a Friend

Fill in the information below to show someone your appreciation. Please note that we use a precision of 4 for the quantity. 1 is not equal to 1.0000.

About Transfer

Transfer tokens from yourself to another user using the following form. Ensure that the quantity is greater than zero. There is not limit to how much you can transfer.

Server Listings

To be added.

Set User Avatar

Avatar must be last 11 characters extension of imgur link. ie: BhqgPzM.png